The Beauty of Barbados

There are so many amazing things that I can say about the beautiful country of Barbados. From the gorgeous blue-green beaches and colorful landscape to the delectable dishes and flavorful drinks, Barbados is sure to make any traveler feel welcomed. On our "Bestie Vay-Cay", my best friend and I made the absolute MOST out of this trip and we were not disappointed! We ate endlessly, drank rum punch pretty much every day, explored the land and the waters, and simply had a fantastic time! Looking to visit Barbados in the future? Here are some of the attractions and places we visited that I am sure you will absolutely enjoy! I will warn you though...once you visit Barbados, you will definitely want to come back!

Rockley Beach- @livingsilsationally


Rockley Beach: free!

One of the many advantages of the Airbnb that we rented in Barbados is that we stayed close by the beach! We stayed on the south coast of Barbados where a 15 minute walk from our Airbnb led us to Rockley Beach, a breathtakingly beautiful beach, which is also known as Accra Beach. This attractive beach is pretty popular and is a swimmer's delight! Surrounding Rockley Beach are numerous restaurants, bars, shopping centers, and more to accommodate all kinds of travelers. More importantly, Rockley Beach has the South Coast Boardwalk where you can take a nice evening stroll, get a nice workout in, or simply sit and watch the waves crash in on the shore. We went to the beach every day during our stay and enjoyed every minute of lounging around, playing in the water, sipping on a nice, cool drink, and simply relaxing. Other popular beaches in Barbados include Dover Beach and Crane Beach.