Single and Thriving

I have been single for quite a while now and I'd be lying to you if I said I didn't enjoy the freedom of being unattached. I also don't have any children (major shout out to all the parents!) so I have the luxury to go wherever I please, date whomever I want, and pretty much do whatever I choose to do. While being single does have its advantages, I'd also be lying to you if I didn't discuss the moments where I have preferred the connection with a fine, intellectual, adventurous, spiritually balanced, loving, affectionate....ahem, man. Like everything else in this world, being single with no kids has its pros and cons, but this year, I've decided to place more focus on the pros and take full advantage of my season of singleness.

According to Google, the word 'single' is defined in three ways. As a noun, it means "an individual person or thing rather than part of a pair or a group"; as a verb, it means to "choose someone or something from a group for special treatment"; and as an adjective, it means "only one; not one of several" or "unmarried or not involved in a stable sexual relationship." I think the last part of this definition is the reason why "situation-ships" are so tricky, but that's an entirely different post for another day, whew! Anyhow, if you really inspect the definition of what it really means to be single, shoot, we have it pretty good. "Special treatment", "individual", and "only one" sound like some good ole' positive self-affirming words to me! What's even more amazing about being single is that we don't have to wait on anyone or anything to make us feel special or be seen as a beautiful individual; we can do it for ourselves.

I understand that some of us are choosing to be single and have no desire to ever be in a relationship, but I also realize that some of us haven't had the best luck in the dating/relationship world and prefer to kick back and relax independently of a significant other. Then, there are some of us who understand that being single is the time to devote to complete self-development, because let's be honest, we ALL have behaviors, attitudes, skills and traits that need to be improved. So what does this time mean for us single folks?