Why December is the Start of My 'New Year'

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

December is my absolute favorite time of the year! Not just because it is my birthday month (December 1st!!!!), or because it hosts my favorite holiday (sup, Christmas?!!!), but because it puts my level of gratefulness at an all time high! I use the month of December as a time of reflection, gratitude, and clarity for my emotional, physical, and spiritual selves. I give myself the pleasure of thanking God for everything that He has blessed me with, allowed me to go through, and leading me towards victories--big and small.

This December, I've decided to do something a bit different. I am a big advocate on individuals visualizing their dreams, goals, ideas, and prayers--whether on a vision board or by creating a list. I've actually done both and these have helped me tremendously in accomplishing the visions that I have for my life. Like many of us, I usually write down my goals and prepare to accomplish them on New Year's Day, but I have grown to realize that this way of thinking only hinders my growth in actually achieving my goals. You see, I have an annual tendency to overindulge in bad habits towards the end of the year, because in my mind, I'll be starting anew in the year ahead. I know that I don't want to wait until January 1st to accomplish what I can get done in this present moment. So, instead of waiting for the beginning of the new to begin my resolutions, I've decided to start making my transformations for the new year in December.

Not only do I want to begin make positive transformations in this beautiful winter month, but I want this declaration of "getting it done" to travel with me throughout the rest of me days on this Earth. Procrastination is my evil twin, but I'm learning how to let go and move on without her. I declare that everything that I'm setting out to do will manifest through the will of God, and if I have His stamp of approval on improving the spiritual, physical, financial, emotional, personal and intellectual aspects of this life, then honey...nothing can stop that!