Checking Out "The Big Easy"

Updated: May 17, 2021


New Orleans is a city filled with great food, rich culture, and wonderful times. The energy of New Orleans is felt the moment you enter the southern city and it's an energy that lasts with you throughout your entire stay. I've visited "The Big Easy" numerous times (since it's only a couple of hours away from me), but mainly just to visit good ole' Bourbon Street or to fly out of the city's airport. For this trip, I wanted to become captivated in the history and culture of New Orleans, visit some of the attractions that New Orleans has to offer, and of course, eat some great food!

P.S. I still visited Bourbon Street!!! You can't go to New Orleans and not visit one of the most famous streets in the world!

The Louis Armstrong Park is dedicated to the famed jazz musician, Louis Armstrong. In the park, there are statues dedicated to him and other notable figures that were born in Louisiana who made a significant impact not only in Louisiana, but in the world. There is also a theater named after the gospel powerhouse, Mahalia Jackson that is located inside of the park. The Louis Armstrong Park is a great place to absorb some history and some sun as you walk throughout the park!