From Valleys to Victories

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

2016 was the most challenging year that I've experienced in my twenty-nine years of living. It was the year that broke me ALL the way down! I call 2018 my "VALLEY" year; the year where "I walk[ed] through the valley" (Come on Psalms 23!!!) praying to make it to make it through to a better, brighter place. I cried, got angry, had some relationship battles, was depressed, got frustrated (especially with God), and was constantly looking for a way to run away from my struggles (destination addiction). We've all either had a "VALLEY" year or will have a "VALLEY" year....I consider this type of year the one that God uses to bring you closer to Him.

How can we pull through our valley year?

GIVE.IT.TO.GOD. 'Nuff said.

Get into the Bible. Study verses and passages that reflect your valley season (the book of Job, anyone?)

Remember that you have people in your life that are here to encourage to them. (S/O to my A-1 Besties!!!)

Release your emotions. I PROMISE you it's okay to cry, scream, have a day (or two) of alone time. Just don't make it a habitual pattern (trust me on this).

2017 was a year of preparation. I could choose to remain stagnant in my circumstances and continue to feed into all of those negative emotions from 2016 or I could make a decision to become more of whom God called me to be-- I chose the latter of the two. Now, making the choice to follow God came with some major life changes, which included: graduating from college, moving back home with my parents (a decision I battled with for a long time), and being unemployed for three months. Initially, these changes were tough fo