Stop Pouring From an Empty Cup

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Self- care is an important concept that many of us neglect, but so desperately need to indulge in. We tend to do so much in our daily lives that we forget that it is necessary to repair ourselves spiritually, physically, and mentally. There are also many of us who try to be everything for everybody without taking care of ourselves. It's vital to reserve time for yourself so that you can feel recharged, refreshed, and "full". Even Jesus went off to have his alone time (Luke 5:16) ! If we do not take the time to improve our own selves, it can become an issue for ourselves and others. In 2018, I've decided to indulge in a little more "ME" time, so that I can be my absolute best self and in turn, be the best person that I can be for others!

Here are some self-care tips that has helped to "keep my cup full" :

I say a prayer every morning after I wake up. Every morning that I awaken, I realize that God still has some work for me to do on Earth before meeting Him, so speaking to Him is the first -and most important part of my day.

I work out. As much as enjoy my sleep, I also enjoy the effects of a hardcore, sweat-drenching workout right before I get ready to start my day. Working out in the morning also provides the energy that I need to effectively function throughout the day.

I write. I have a daily journal where I write about the events of the day. Writing helps me to release m