My Time in "Chocolate City"

Updated: May 17, 2021

I've been told that that Washington D.C. is known as "Chocolate City" because of the predominately black (and might I add, successfully black) population that resides there. And yes, my people were out there getting their Black Magic on! Yet, D.C. packs a strong cultural and diverse punch that reminds us of the great melting pot that America is known for. Our nation's capital may be of small stature, but believe me, that there will ALWAYS be something to do and see in D.C.! I was anxious and excited to visit all the tourist-y and not-so-tourist-y attractions of D.C.! And the best part about visiting D.C.??? Every attraction that I visited was FREE!

The first attractions that I visited in D.C. were the national monuments, located in a national park better known as the National Mall. The "mall" includes the Washington Monument, The U.S. Capitol, The Lincoln Memorial, memorials for World War II, the Smithsonian African-American Museum and so much more!

My absolute favorite attraction was Frederick Douglass's house. About eighty percent of the house hasn't been altered or changed! Visiting his house was an eye-opening experience!