College Students...Listen Up!

In a few months, a new wave of upcoming high school seniors will be planning to take on the next step in their lives post-graduation. For many of these students, this step means going off to college. Attending college is such an exciting and transformative experience for students. The collegiate life includes establishing new friendships, being involved in the campus life, developing academically, exploring new ideals, and progressing into a greater sense of self. And let's not forget the fact that many college students are given the opportunity to live on campus--away from their parents. Indeed, the decision for students to attend college is one that reflects the desire to learn more about the world, diversify our skills and characteristics, create lifelong bonds with others, and ultimately find our calling.

As a fellow college graduate, a current graduate student, and an employee within higher education, education is obviously an important value in my life. College has given me the opportunity to create my identity and explore what I now know to be my purpose within the field of education. But honey, if God spoke to me and said that He would bless me to go back in time and do my college experience over again, Lord knows I'd be on the first time machine back to my senior year of high school!

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed college overall and I have an incredible amount of gratitude to the Man above for guiding me through such a long process of attending, failing, re-enrolling, and eventually graduating from college. However, I know that my college experience could have been even greater than what it was if I would have made wiser decisions concerning my life after graduating high school. I didn't end up going to my first college choice (even though I was accepted), I flunked out during my sophomore year of college, and I attended three community colleges before finally graduating from my Alma mater a whole ten years after graduating high school. I know we say "It's not how you start, but how you finish", but, yeah, when it comes t